Within our culture discussions around sexuality are still considered taboo for many. This also means discussion around male health and the topic of nutrition specifically dealing with male virility and male sexual health.

Although this site is written for a “general” audience, it may not be for all people. If you feel this site offends you, feel free graciously remove yourself from the site or the mailing list.


To the female subscribers:

Admittedly, I was first taken back at the high level of female subscribers to this site. After all this is a site geared specifically for men. But it wasn’t long before my naïve eyes were opened to the fact that many woman who subscribed are proactively searching for solutions to their male partner’s problems. For you ladies out there, “Mom’s the word” – I won’t spill the beans.

Here is something for you female subscribers…The majority of the information provided on this website works equally well for the opposite sex.

Other than some hormonal differences, male and female bodies function very similarly and require many of the same nutrients. In fact the science behind how the nutrients work in our bodies doesn’t change – regardless of your gender.

However, the most common question I receive from women who are worried about trying some of these natural methods to improve their virility is the concern over “increasing their testosterone levels”.

Although very little discussion is given regarding females and nutrition, a little explanation will be provided here.  All women require testosterone. In fact, testosterone is required to produce estrogen. So when the female body naturally creates more testosterone, this results in the body converting more of it into estrogen – a key and necessary female hormone. Estrogen is the main female hormone responsible for increasing libido, sexual desire, and even fertility. So there you have it, you go girl.


The focus of this site

The focus of this site has and always will be natural and holistic approaches to maximizing male virility. The foundation of this site is based on the philosophy that the solution to most health problems is related to nutrient deficiency in our bodies.

The good news is the answer to this nutrient deficiency can be found in your local grocery store – if you know where to look.  The intent of this site is to provide solid, research backed studies and information supporting the core message of this site which is “Nutrition is the key to virility and optimal sexual health”.

This philosophy isn’t new. In fact, it was more eloquently said by Hippocrates more than 2,000 years ago with “Let Food by the Medicine”.



To all subscribers

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