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Bodybuilding is 85% diet… So is Virility

Growing up I used to enjoy watching “The Incredible Hulk” television series. Dr. David Banner, a widowed physician and scientist would travel around America and (the interesting part) in times of extreme anger transform into a big green monster called “The Hulk”.

In real life, “The Hulk” was played by Lou Ferrigno. He was a professional bodybuilder and also won Mr. Olympia three years in a row. He was later succeeded by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What both these men had in common was the same personal trainer, Vince Gironda (pictured above).

In the early 1950’s Vince Gironda was one of the most popular personal trainers for champion bodybuilders, movie and television actors in Hollywood. Legend even had it was able to “get a person into shape” faster than anyone else. In 1950 and 1951 he also successfully competed in Mr. USA and Mr. America.

What makes the story of Vince Gironda extraordinary is he lived in a time when anabolic steroids did not exist.

The picture you see above is 100% natural.

So what does the “The Hulk”, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Vince Gironda have to do with the Virility Protocol?

The shared belief that diet plays an extremely important role in our lives.

“Bodybuilding is 85% diet” Vince Gironda

More important then most people believe. For Vince, diet was 85% of the job. Working out at the gym was only a very small part of it. In fact, most people are surprised to learn that Vince, even with his extraordinary large and muscular body only worked out 3 times a week.

Even back in the 1950’s, Vince was aware of the many factors which positively impacted natural testosterone production in the body. He understood specific foods help stimulate testosterone production, certain types of exercises stimulate testosterone production and the importance of rest.

Vince believed rest, not exercise was the key to large muscle growth and boosts in testosterone.

Nutrition, rest and exercise is the three legged stool natural testosterone is founded on. If any of these legs are missing, natural testosterone production decreases.

Vince Gironda was well aware of this and designed his workout programs with this in mind. Vince is the one made the “steak and eggs” meal famous.

He was well aware of the high nutrient content this combination included, he give his body the necessary time to rest and recover and he understood the ability of specific full body exercises created boosts in natural testosterone.

The virility protocol understands the importance of nutrition. Especially today when we are surrounded by nutrient poor, calorie high foods it is very easy to fill the body up with foods low in nutrients.

No matter how calories rich the foods are, if they are nutrient poor, our bodies will just crave more, causing us to crave and eat even more. This vicious cycle results in overeating and obesity.

However, by feeding the body the nutrients it needs and craves (not the food) this vicious cycle can be avoided .

Vince Gironda understood what the body needed in order to become “superhuman”. What has changed in the last 50 years has been the nutrient value of our foods.

To improve our health, to build muscle, increase testosterone, reduce body fat and most importantly improve our virility it really is mostly about diet.

In the words of Vince Gironda, “It’s 85% diet”.

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