5 Reasons Men Need To Eat Brazil Nuts

The increasingly popularity and health benefits of Brazil nuts may lead to these nuts becoming a daily snack for many men.

Brazil nuts are not only packed full of vitamins, minerals and rich in protein content, they also boast the highest dietary source of selenium.

Selenium is a mineral not found in many foods and has been linked to improved sexual performance among men.

So what are 5 reasons men should eat this popular South American nut?

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Key Essential Minerals for Improving Male Virility

A three year study which surveyed the dietary habits of over 16,000 Americans found that a large portion of the population failed to meet the recommended intake for many key nutrients.

Unfortunately many of these nutrients are also responsible for healthy reproductive and sexual function and a deficiency in one or many of them can cause low sex drive, reduced testosterone production, infertility, erectile dysfunction and various other sexual disorders.

The most important six minerals for peak sexual function are listed below:

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