Men of the 1950's

The Decline of Male Virility

In the last 20 years male virility has been on the decline. Sadly, over this period of time men have also become less manly. In the last 20 years testosterone levels of average American man have been on a steady decline.

In fact, it has become so bad that for many of us, our own fathers and grandfathers had higher T levels than we do today. The decline in male virility is much more than just low T levels. Its about overall male health. And that has been on the decline too.

Many of the foods we eat and toxins we are exposed to are linked to obesity and hormonal imbalances in men as well as a slew of additional male health problems.

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Testosterone: The Secret Behind Male Virility

Testosterone is what separates the men from the boys.

It is also the primary sex hormone that determines male sex characteristics and also responsible for increased muscle mass, bone mass, libido, potency and sperm production in the body.

Anything to do with being male and male virility is some way or another linked to testosterone.

Any man looking to increase their virility, strength, stamina or libido should play close attention to their own testosterone levels.

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