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Men: Watch-Out for Estrogen in Your Drinking Water

When it comes to your drinking water, chances are you never really considered that estrogen was there to begin with.

But the facts are in; the presence of estrogen and estrogen related compounds in your drinking water is more than likely, especially if you prefer to have yours bottled.

With the effect of estrogen ravaging men’s sexuality and psyche, it should be obvious that you would want to remove it-but the question now is; how do I?

Is All Water Contaminated?

There is a high chance that any source of water you drink is contaminated with estrogen, or estrogen like hormone disruptors. Sure, you may be of the opinion that bottled water is better, but it is far from the case. Why? Because proper filtration is expensive.

Manufacturers ensure their product is free from bacteria, pyrogens or lethal contaminants, but hardly spare a thought for the more subliminal ones, such as the estrogen and related products.

Surprisingly, tap water is less likely to be contaminated with estrogen, as government regulates and makes disclosures about the quality of supply to the public, something that private manufacturers are not mandated to do. So what does that mean? You are better off drinking water from the tap.

What Methods Are Effective For Removing Estrogen From Drinking Water?

Currently, the only real effective method of removing estrogen from drinking water is via filtration. The choice of filtration technique depends on you, as cost and efficiency ratio may play a determining role in your choice.

Types of Filters

Carbon Based

These are versatile, cheap, small and relatively effective. They will remove estrogen, but may not do well in filtering estrogen mimicking compounds and with certain minerals.

Reverse Osmosis Filters

Reverse osmotic filters are much more thorough than carbon filters, removing almost 99.9% of water based contaminants, including many minerals and metals. They are pricey, bulky and require expert installation.

Many reverse osmosis filters also come equipped with carbon filters, making filtration as comprehensive as possible.

Brita brand filters are actually pretty effective in removing estrogenic hormones from water, although the filter needs to be changed often to maintain effective filtration ratio.

Is Estrogen All That Needs To Be Removed?

No, and this is a major problem. Many persons who do see the importance to have estrogen removed often overlook the importance of also removing estrogen related contaminants, such as BPA, trihalomethanes, various phenols and polyethoxylates.

And, as if that was not enough, studies conducted in England showed the presence of various anti-androgenic compounds in waste water treatment plants, and strange changes to male fish in surrounding lakes and streams. These male fish exhibited development of female sexual organs, and even bore eggs. Although it is not proven, it is believed that there is a similar effect in humans.

The Bottom Line

You may not realize it, but by eliminating the estrogen in your water supply, you can translate this effect on food as well. If you live in the country, installing larger filters on water lines can greatly diminish the influence of estrogen. If you grow your own produce, the effects will be noticeable. You may not be able to eliminate estrogen interference from all sources, but water is one of the main sources that you can control.




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