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Key Essential Minerals for Improving Male Virility

A three year study which surveyed the dietary habits of over 16,000 Americans found that a large portion of the population failed to meet the recommended intake for many key nutrients.

Unfortunately many of these nutrients are also responsible for healthy reproductive and sexual function and a deficiency in one or many of them can cause low sex drive, reduced testosterone production, infertility, erectile dysfunction and various other sexual disorders.

The most important six minerals for peak sexual function are listed below:


Deficiencies in zinc are directly linked to low sex drive in both men and woman.  Zinc is also required by the prostate gland in the production of sperm as well as it helps in the production of the most important male hormone – Testosterone.

Zinc has been shown to help male infertility, increase sex drive and is necessary to keep sperm healthy. Not only is it important for men, but equally important in a women’s diet too.



Studies have shown that magnesium deficiency is closely linked to erectile dysfunction in men. Magnesium helps to increase blood circulation, relax muscles and has a de stressing effect. In fact, some research supports that magnesium can help men last much, much longer.



Approximately 50% of the selenium in a man is contained in his testicles and seminal ducts. Selenium is released into semen and it is an essential mineral which the body needs to replace through diet. Obtaining selenium is vital for peak sexual performance.



This is a key mineral responsible for maintaining and achieving peak reproductive health. Manganese assists in producing sex hormones and also for boosting sexual energy. A deficiency of manganese has been linked to low sex drive, low sperm count and even infertility.



Iron is directly responsible for synthesizing the neurotransmitters which regulate our sex drive – otherwise known as libido. Although iron deficiencies are more common in woman as it is lost during menstruation, low iron effects men and can also contribute to join pain, fatigue, hair loss, and loss in sex drive.


Iodine deficiency is wide spread within America. The mineral iodine is important in healthy sexual performance and interacts with the protein L-Tyrosine which produces thyroxine – a hormone which regulates body heat, cellular energy production.


Where do you get these important key nutrients?

If you are thinking a simple multivitamin will do the trick you are in for a nasty surprise.

During the mid-1930’s multivitamins first became available in grocery stores.  They were high quality supplements that were made from natural, dried and powdered vegetable and fruit concentrates.

However that changed in the early 1940’s when many brands began producing synthetic tablets made from which are the same tablets that can be found today. Most of the multivitamins sold today are derived from synthetic sources with artificial additives like colors, flavors, sugars, chemicals and fillers.

Any health conscious individual would conclude this is a rather backward approach to improve our own health. Rather multivitamins should come from whole food sources, preferable organic. They should be all natural and not contain any artificial or synthetic ingredients. And they need to be in the correct bio-dynamic ratios.

We are designed derive our minerals from foods, not artificial or synthetic sources. Our bodies are specifically designed to extract the necessary and essential mineral from plants. The best vitamins and minerals come from real, natural whole food.

To find out how to naturally include these key minerals in your diet simply, naturally and inexpensively, sign up for the Virility Protocol Course. It is completely free. It’s seven weeks long and will provide you with everything you need to boost your virility, improve your quality of life and overall health.



1. Where do American’s get their nutrients?

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