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Eating Bacon Shown to Reduce Sperm in Men

It’s safe to say we are what we eat and according to a new study from the University of Harvard, so are our offspring.

Researchers from the University of Harvard recently determined that men who regularly ate large portions of processed meats, such as bacon (which is heavily laden with chemicals and preservatives) could be destroying the quality of their “little guys”.

The University of Harvard researchers identified a strong relationship between higher processed meat consumption and lower sperm count.

What they found was men who ate processed meats such as hot-dogs, bacon and other varieties of cured meats not only produced less sperm, but even more frighteningly, they were of abnormal shape and size.

According to the British newspaper, the Telegraph who first reported these findings, men who ate higher qualities of processed meat daily had 30% less little guys swimming around.

men who ate higher qualities of processed meat daily had 30% less little guys swimming around

These findings have painted a clear and negative association between eating processed meats and reduced fertility.

Not all meats are bad for you though.

Lean cuts of meat from pastured, grass-fed animals has been shown to be the most nutritious, especially when compared to the more common antibiotic and hormone laced meats most often found in grocery stores.

These lean cuts of unprocessed meat have been shown to be healthier than processed meat, but it seems there is another type of meat even more beneficial for men.

In this same study, Dr. Myriam Afeiche from the Department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health also observed that fish consumption has a positive effect on male fertility – actually boosting sperm quality and quantity.

It’s been long known that increased fish consumption linked to improved reproductive function in men and in this study, dark meat fish like salmon, bluefish and tuna were found to have the greatest increase in “little guys” when compared to white meat fish such as cod and halibut.

The key to increasing male virility can be as simple as switching out hot-dogs and bacon for unprocessed meats such as lean cuts of turkey, chicken and steak.

For those men wanting to give a natural boost to their virility, it could be as simple as increasing your salmon and dark fish meat intake.


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