Dangers of Cash Register Receipts

What do you do when the cashier hands you a paper receipt?

For many of us, we just stuff it into in our wallet or pants pocket without a second thought.

According to a new study, BPA (still used in the manufacturing of many cash register paper receipts) is transferred from the paper to the skin even after only handling it for only a few seconds.

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Virlity Body

Key Essential Minerals for Improving Male Virility

A three year study which surveyed the dietary habits of over 16,000 Americans found that a large portion of the population failed to meet the recommended intake for many key nutrients.

Unfortunately many of these nutrients are also responsible for healthy reproductive and sexual function and a deficiency in one or many of them can cause low sex drive, reduced testosterone production, infertility, erectile dysfunction and various other sexual disorders.

The most important six minerals for peak sexual function are listed below:

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Plastic and Male Reproductive Problems

Plastics and Male Reproductive Health

Consider for a moment how many times during an average day we come in contact with plastic.

It is used to in containers to hold our cold and hot beverages, it is used to store our hot and cold foods, many consumer goods and pretty much most of what we touch or expose ourselves daily to is made from plastic and it is harming our health.

The manufacturing process of many of these plastics includes the use of a popular industrial chemical called BPA (Bisphenol A). Recent animal trial in the Journal of Biomedical Research shows that low dosages of BPA were found to result in significantly lower sperm counts and reduce the production of important sex hormones (such as FSH) in the adult male rats.

This is only one of many studies which illustrate the negative impact this chemical has on our male reproductive health. Our exposure to BPA is so wide spread that in a  recent study, it is estimated that 93% of American’s have detectable levels of BPA in their bodies.

Fortunately, there are a number simple to follow steps which can reduce your exposure to BPA and its negative effects.
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Hey Mr. Skinny

When Skinny was Undesirable

It wasn’t that long ago that both Men and Women were lean and trim. In fact so much so that the “Gaining Weight” was a problem for both genders. So much so that a whole industry to “Gain-Weight” was born – much like the “Diet Industry” we now have today.

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Can Beetroot Juice Boost Your Performance?

Researchers have discovered an array of compounds in beet juice can lower blood pressure, enhance athletic performance, improve brain health and improve blood flow – all factors important to improving virility.

Most importantly beet juice is full of nitrates which are converted by the body into nitric oxide, and essential ingredient to maintaining firmness and hardness in men.

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Raw Cocao Bean

Cacao – Ancient Mayan Superfood for Men

Known as the “Food of the Gods”,  the ancient Mayans can be thanked for their discovery and cultivation of cacao tree, from which cacao powder (also referred to as cocoa powder) and chocolate are made. In fact, Cacao was considered so nutritious that Mayan kings drank up to 30 cups a day to maintain their vigor and virility.

The health benefits of cacao are enormous. Recent studies have shown that cacao improves brain function, is a natural mood booster and improves blood flow – all very important for the bedroom. Cacao even provides the brain with phenylethylanime, which is that chemical that makes you “feel like you’re in love”.

However, the Cacao powder typically available in the supermarket isn’t this rich nutrient cacao we are talking about. For real health benefits of Cacao powder, it needs to be raw – It’s still very easy to find in your local health food store.
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Watermelons Shown to Improve Male Performance

In a recent Italian study, 24 middle-aged men who suffered from “mild” erection problems took a citrulline supplement for a month.  After the month trial, 50% of the men said their difficulties cleared up and they had sex more often.

There are a number of foods which contain large amounts of citrulline such as almonds, chickpeas, and cucumbers, dark chocolate (Cacao), salmon and walnuts, however none come as close to providing the amount of citrulline contained in fresh watermelon.

Some researchers have gone as far to say that watermelon has a Viagra-like effect when it comes to preventing erectile dysfunction (ED).

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Bananas Boost Male Health

Bananas Boost Male Health in the Bedroom

Aside from the suggestive size and shape of bananas, these bright yellow tropical fruits have been shown to be an excellent Superfood for men in the bedroom.

Bananas are a storehouse of nutrients and energy and have even been shown to improve mood, increase oxygen flow throughout the body and improve performance in the bedroom.

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Testosterone chemical structure formula on blackboard

1 in 4 Men Suffer From Low Testosterone

According to the latest data, as many as 1 in 4 men currently suffer from low testosterone levels. Low testosterone is a condition which robs men of their drive, virility, manliness and overall sexual health.

Fortunately there are many simple and effective methods to get your testosterone levels back to normal.
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Nitric Oxide -The Secret Ingredient to Hardness & Lasting Longer

Importance of nitric oxide for male sexual health:

Nitric oxide is an important chemical compound which plays an important role in male sexual function.  Increased levels of nitric oxide improve circulation, lead to increased frequency of erections and been shown to improve staying power harder and firmer erections. Conversely, lower levels of nitric oxide can lead to soft erections and premature ejaculation.

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