Gingko Biloba – 84% Effective at treating Sexual Dysfunction

Move over blue pill, a study of the use of ginkgo biloba on antidepressant-induced sexual dysfunction has been shown to be 84% effective!

Ginkgo Biloba, a very popular study-aid among students is now gaining popularity among many men and women looking for a boost in the bedroom.

Gingko Biloba, a popular ancient Chinese herbal remedy is already among the best-selling supplements in Europe and the United States and with this promising research and new studies on the way, the popularity of this ancient herb is sure to increase to even higher levels.

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Testosterone chemical structure formula on blackboard

1 in 4 Men Suffer From Low Testosterone

According to the latest data, as many as 1 in 4 men currently suffer from low testosterone levels. Low testosterone is a condition which robs men of their drive, virility, manliness and overall sexual health.

Fortunately there are many simple and effective methods to get your testosterone levels back to normal.
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Report: Smart phone Use Linked to Male Infertility

How often do you find yourself taking your cell phone out of your front pocket or belt clip?

A major health advocacy group (EWG) recently released a new report which documents the negative health effects on sperm exposed to cell phone radiation and “the striking findings for men who carried their cell phones in a pocket or on their belt”.

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Pomegranate Juice Superfood

Pomegranate Juice the Key to Increased Testosterone & Sex Drive

Pomegranate juice has long been in the spotlight as a Superfood.

Even more notable are recent studies which have shown this bright red fruit can also cause surges in testosterone, improve sperm quality and increase sex drive & mood in both sexes.

Pomegranate has long been considered as Superfood because it is full of antioxidants that improve blood circulation, has been shown to decrease the risk of heart disease and decrease inflammation.

Recent research at Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh investigated the effect pomegranate juice had on testosterone, blood pressure and mood and found that that testosterone on average increased by 24%, blood pressure (both systolic & diastolic) decreased and noticeable mood improvements in both sexes were noted.
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All Natural Testosterone Booster – Maca

Used by Peruvians for well over 3,000 years, the ancient herb commonly known as maca is gaining popularity among men  looking for a natural method to boost their testosterone levels.

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MEN: Never Eat Licorice..Here is why!

What is licorice?

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra) is a popular sweet flavoring in confectionery and in some tobacco brands. Licorice comes from the extract of the roots of licorice plant. In Europe, slices of licorice root is dried and chewed as a sweet. In some countries, licorice root is used to flavor wine and dishes. Licorice is also used to mask bad taste of some medicines.

Folk medicine regards licorice as a remedy for stomach ulcers, colic and heartburns, for sore throat, cough and for constipation. Licorice is also used to help treat conditions such as liver disease and Addison’s disease. Persons with sores in the mouth (oral ulcers) may find benefit from dissolving licorice tablets in the mouth.

What is Glycyrrhizin?

Licorice contains bioactive compounds responsible for its flavor and purported medicinal properties.  The roots of licorice contain Glycyrrhizin, a substance that is many times sweeter than sugar and has physiological effects in the body. Glycyrrhizin has both mineralocorticoid properties and glucocorticoid properties in the body, similar to steroids. This is the reason why persons with insufficiency of adrenal glands (which produce steroids in the body) benefit from licorice consumption.

Why licorice is bad for men?

Licorice may not be good for men, especially those who suffer from low testosterone. Licorice has profound effects in the body, and these physiological effects can hurt testosterone production and male sexual performance in many ways. However, we still see lots of licorice candy sold around. In the United States, a lot of ‘licorice’ candies are actually flavored with much cheaper and similarly-tasting anise. But there are still lots of licorice confections flavored with the real thing. Many candies that contain real licorice extracts are black in color.

Genuine licorice candies is actually a health hazard, especially to anyone ages 40 and above. The U.S Food and Drug Administration issued a consumer advisory warning people aged 40 and above to limit consumption of licorice candies to less than 2 ounces every day. However, it is easy to overlook this because licorice is candy (and we love sweets). Be aware that eating too much licorice can raise blood pressure, makes heartbeat irregular and  is known to lower testosterone levels by almost 50% for almost two days.

According to studies, men who eat too much licorice can lower interest in sex and cause problems in erection.  In a study featured in The New England Journal of Medicine, 7 grams of licorice tablets per day is shown to reduce testosterone levels in men in as short as 7 days. Testosterone is the hormone that masculinizes men – it stimulates production of sperm, bulks up muscle mass, strengthens bones and drives up sexual appetite. The testosterone-lowering effect of licorice is also evident in healthy women, according to a study featured in the journal Steroids. The negative effect of licorice in male virility is again reproduced in another separate study, where males supplemented with licorice for a week saw their testosterone levels drop by as much as 26%. In another study featured in Diabetes Care, supplementation of Glycyrrhizin itself caused reduction of testosterone in diabetic men with hepatitis.

Men with low testosterone must avoid licorice

Studies showed that licorice is a potent sex virility killer in men. The reduction of testosterone upon consuming licorice daily for a week is drastic. Therefore, men with suspected or existing problems regarding testosterone and erectile dysfunction must is highly advised not to consume any product that contains licorice extract.

Testosterone Boosting Foods

Just as there are many foods which we consume daily that are responsible for low testosterone in men, there are also many foods which boost natural testosterone levels in men. In fact, there are hundreds of studies documenting the impact various foods have on our testosterone levels, in particular in this book, Testosterone Booster: How to Increase Testosterone Naturally.

6-pack abs

6-Pack Abs = Hormonal Balance

If you dream of 6-pack abs but instead suffer from an abdominal “spare tire” that won’t go away, it may be due to hormonal imbalances more than anything else, according to new research.

Extra abdominal “belly fat” can indicate a number of hormonal imbalances including high estrogen levels, low testosterone, low DHEA (a hormone from the adrenal glands), high insulin and high cortisol. All of which are bad for men and their virility.

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Testosterone: The Secret Behind Male Virility

Testosterone is what separates the men from the boys.

It is also the primary sex hormone that determines male sex characteristics and also responsible for increased muscle mass, bone mass, libido, potency and sperm production in the body.

Anything to do with being male and male virility is some way or another linked to testosterone.

Any man looking to increase their virility, strength, stamina or libido should play close attention to their own testosterone levels.

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Have Problems Sleeping at Night?

You are not alone.

There are over 40 million Americans who have a chronic sleep disorder or suffer from lack of sleep.

For sleep deprived men, a new study finds that skipping sleep can drastically lower testosterone levels in healthy guys in as little as one week.

 The Study

The recent study funded by the National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute found testosterone levels dropped significantly in men who did not get enough sleep – A drop equivalent to 10-15 years worth of aging.

Not only was lack of sleep linked to reduce libido and T levels, it was linked to lower energy levels, poorer concentration, fatigue and decrease muscular strength.

The team of researchers at the University of Chicago Medical Center found that men who slept less than 5 hours a night for over a week had lower testosterone than when fully rested.

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Do You Eat Licorice?

You won’t find manly men eating licorice. Period.

It has nothing to do with the taste. In fact licorice is a very popular candy and flavor additive used around the world in many products.

Even before it was used in candy and breath fresheners, licorice was used for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

This is because licorice has some some very specific physiological properties.

Licorice Kills Male Virility

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Vince Gironda-large

Bodybuilding is 85% diet… So is Virility

Growing up I used to enjoy watching “The Incredible Hulk” television series. Dr. David Banner, a widowed physician and scientist would travel around America and (the interesting part) in times of extreme anger transform into a big green monster called “The Hulk”.

In real life, “The Hulk” was played by Lou Ferrigno. He was a professional bodybuilder and also won Mr. Olympia three years in a row. He was later succeeded by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

What both these men had in common was the same personal trainer, Vince Gironda (pictured above).

In the early 1950’s Vince Gironda was one of the most popular personal trainers for champion bodybuilders, movie and television actors in Hollywood. Legend even had it was able to “get a person into shape” faster than anyone else. In 1950 and 1951 he also successfully competed in Mr. USA and Mr. America.

What makes the story of Vince Gironda extraordinary is he lived in a time when anabolic steroids did not exist.

The picture you see above is 100% natural.

So what does the “The Hulk”, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Vince Gironda have to do with the Virility Protocol?

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Men: Watch-Out for Estrogen in Your Drinking Water

When it comes to your drinking water, chances are you never really considered that estrogen was there to begin with.

But the facts are in; the presence of estrogen and estrogen related compounds in your drinking water is more than likely, especially if you prefer to have yours bottled.

With the effect of estrogen ravaging men’s sexuality and psyche, it should be obvious that you would want to remove it-but the question now is; how do I?

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MEN: Do You Drink Bottled Water?

You may want to think twice after reading this.

A study conducted by the Goethe University of Frankfurt and German Federal Institute of Hydrology found over 24,000 chemicals in bottled water (now it is worth mentioning that in the United States, tap water is better regulated than bottled water).

In this study, even more disturbing were many of the chemicals found in bottled water have also been shown to be endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDC) such as di(2-ethylhexyl) fumarate, or DEHF.

Unlike bisphenoal-A (BPA) an estrogen-mimicking chemical used in the production of many plastic products (which is already banned in many countries), the chemical DEHF found in bottled water is completely unregulated.

Researchers in this study found 13 of the 18 bottled water products tested exhibited “significant” anti-estrogenic activity, while 16 of the 18 samples were found to inhibit the body’s androgen receptors by up to 90%.

This is very bad news for men.

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L-Arginine: The Nutraceutical with HUGE Health Benefits

The positive effects of L-Arginine go beyond simple sexual enhancement.

L-Arginine is involved in the body’s protein formation and in larger amounts L-Arginine stimulates the release of growth hormones, enhances sperm productions, improves muscle building & recovery times and is a well-documented prosexual nutrient for enhancing performance and enjoyment of both men and women.

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